Stereo Tam Tam

There comes a time when you just have to decide which side you’re on: Playmobile or Lego? PC or MAC? Jim Beam or Jack Daniels?

For their first gig, on a weekend in August 2010, the gentlemen Norman Frazier and Frank Funk wore shirts starring ‘John&Paul&George&Yo Mama’ and their decision was clear. Until they had found their true name (STEREO TAM TAM!), off the record they called themselves ‘The Beatles’.

These likeable young fellows aren’t bad-ass gangsters (the ones your parents warned you about) any more than their famous namesakes, but they are loud. Pretty damn loud actually. Because Bass is their love. Bass is their passion. Bass is their energy. And… they do it ‘real good’. Drums. Turntables. Drumsticks. Headphones.

STEREO TAM TAM is what happens when the powers of drums and decks combine. And it doesn’t matter if Norman Frazier is behind the decks and Frank Funk is drumming, or if Norman is torturing the drums and Frank is spinning the tracks. They’re both drumming. They’re both spinning! They’ve done it for ages, but recently, they’ve joined forces. STEREO TAM TAM are serving Breaks, Dubstep, Electro and pretty much everything known as Bass.

So what else is there? TAM TAM!

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